The ‘Tube’ for the WIN!

If you think kids think about pizza and candy all the time than you would be surprised to learn that according to a study conducted by Smarty Pants family-focused research and consulting firm and picked-up from PR Newswire, “Ninety-two percent of kids now use YouTube, making it their most widely used brand. Three in four (78%) kids engage with the brand at least once per day.”

Though the article doesn’t point to duration, there has been an uptick in children’s programming with streaming giants like Netflix and Disney producing more and more curated and custom content developed specifically for the small and hand-held screens. With more online content and viewing comes more advertising and indirect watching through pre-rolls and ad-rolls and itchy-click fingers that begin surfing when interstitials disrupt their viewing. Blocking software and kid-safe protocols can be in place by parents limiting their watch to only certain channels – however, this is not always a full-proof way of safeguarding.

According to a Wired article from earlier in the year, COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, promotes and tracks kids under 13 viewing patterns and has been monitoring content from Hasbro and Mattel making sure that kids are being sold products and content deemed inappropriate.

Timers, Pause Settings, and Parental locks are all useful. How do you keep your kids safe on the ”Tube’?

November 10, 2020

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