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Arcade knows the business of entertainment

Entertainment business goals meet kid growth.

This is where we get down to the heart of what matters to your project – positioning it like a brand alongside product development and growth. By looking at any title, be it a scripted, live-action series or a mobile-based game, we can then begin to share it with the right audience at the right time and develop it for life longer than one season.


Arcade Packages

From full brand strategy and targeting sessions to consulting on storyboards, imagery, shot-lists, product market positioning, and competition, our Arcade’s Service Packages are designed to fill the most common organizational children’s media needs.

  • Product & Content Extensions (ex. toyetics)
  • Technology-use
  • Messaging & Market Positioning
  • Cross-channel Partnerships & Alignments
  • Academic use
  • Educational Consulting
  • Culture & Language Adaptations
  • International Standards
  • Safety, Trust, Privacy & Compliance (COPPA, GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, PIPEDA)
  • Copywriting/Scriptwriting
  • Creative Development
  • Storyboard Analysis & Quality Checks
  • App Store Integration & Approval

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We help your project, title or idea come to life. Specializing in original IP (sometimes simply referred to as  “originals”), we know what it takes to get your idea and pitch bible in front of the right development teams in the strongest way possible.

Your Project + Strategic Development, Licensing & Distribution

Getting the right project in front of the right audience takes a little more than just knowing the right people, it’s about knowing the right people who care. We work with you to assist in thinking differently about where your project should live: traditional broadcasters, streamers, online etc. and in what market. You might be surprised, it’s not always where you envisioned it, but it might just be where it’s going to be the most successful.

Multiplatform is in our DNA

If it’s understanding multiplatform viewing and engagement, emerging media, digital adaptations, and immersive technologies for multi-release and product extensions is what you’re looking for, then look no further. We don’t just think about how to adapt to all forms, we curate the experience because not all platforms are equal. We’ll advise you on the best engagement points and versions for your project.

Government Compliance

If it’s knowing when you “can” and when you “cannot” around kids and products for children then we are here to help. By working with instead of against regulators we can shape child-safe content from the top-down. It’s a blanket approach and another way to work with the law instead of just within it.

Kid-Safe + Market-Savvy

If it’s marketing with children in mind, we will work with you to develop a plan to create marketing campaigns that are not only geared to profitability but are also kid-safe. People-first. Product-second. It’s not just about the boardroom, it’s about the room to grow and create a conscientious offering that will last long into your future and theirs. Talk to us about best practices, growing your kid-safe offering, and educating your staff on media safety.

Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling is telling a tale, creating an experience, and evoking emotion through the use of multiplatform, multi-format tech. It’s not one story repeated but one story continued. We’ll dive into what that means, what shape it can take, and explain why traditional multi-channel adoption is not the same thing and won’t keep the target’s interest in the same way.

B2B Approach

Make your next kid-focused project take-off safely! We work with content & product developers and show them ways to engage with internal production and creative development teams, marketing teams, CMOs and business executives in order to ensure quality kid-conscientious messages are being served up to the right audience in the right way. We teach your team how to avoid harmful pitfalls and ways to ensure your next script will get the green-light for safety and development.

SMB Online Programming

It is said that even YouTube can’t control the volume of content being uploaded every day onto their platforms, so why should your small-business marketing department or ad agency digital development team supposed to be able to? We can be your friends in that department, by helping to ensure that your digital media output is proactively designed with kids in mind while teaching new automation tricks so you can make sure you’re always tracking the latest changes in the market.

On-Going Support

Our friendly team is here to help anytime you hit a snag. Your dedicated partner will work to make things easy and accessible.