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The Arcade Story

Arcade Consulting is a children’s media and tech consultancy that specializes in advising responsible media products for kids. We work with all studios, media producers, OTT & VOD digital content providers & independent artists & writers, gaming houses, mobile/app developers, children’s literature authors, immersive technologists, and researchers & policymakers to promote kid-safe content. We provide strategic planning and safe-targeting practices, project-based counsel, digital literacy resources, creative quality checks, scriptwriting and editing, storyboard editing, on-site script, and shooting advisement, workshops for teams, plus, individual project consulting. Catherine Halprin is the Founder, CEO, and Children’s Media Consultant.

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Kid-safe Media Greenlighting

Online Production

Reporting Analysis of Children and their Response to Media

Government Compliance, Guidelines, and Media Safety

Scriptwriting, Quality Control & Development

Digital Literacy and Design Ethics

Digital Media, TV, and Advertising for Kids

Tech Engagement in the Home

Immersive Technologies for Children

Meet Bumper

In 2019, Arcade decided to expand into the consumer space by creating Bumper. Now, companies can feel confident in Arcade’s full capacity to track, target, and model smart and safe children’s programming for future generations while, Bumper**, aims to better assist, inform, and understand the needs of the consumers, the parents, and their children by creating machine-learning tools to provide a global perspective on kidtech reviews and ratings.

These two entities together, ensure they are preventing, and solving children’s media problems by helping organizations better understand their target while enabling them to create a safer online world for their kids. We call it, “The Media Ecosystem”.

From big clients to big ideas, or home behaviors and responsible home tech engagement, Catherine and her team can make most any child-focused media or technology a reality for both the consumer and the producer alike.

International product compliance and testing, Image courtesy of Kmart.

Image courtesy of Mightier.

**visit bumperlist.com to find:

  • Our proprietary machine-learning system for global kidtech and kid’s media product reviews, plus, our Pan-Canadian Trust PIPEDA-compliant privacy and ratings ‘tech check’ tool.

Get to know Catherine:

Arcade Consulting is the brainchild of Catherine Halprin, it’s Founder, CEO & Children’s Media Consultant. Catherine is a former advertising executive, magazine journalist, and Creative Director who has spent the majority of her almost 20+ year career surrounding herself with children’s media, new technologies, digital media products, and global brands. Catherine holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication, with Degrees in Marketing, Journalism & Certificates in Parenting, and Digital Media Law. She is an award-winning Digital Creative, a tech-enthusiast, advertising & digital media expert, and mom of two.

Catherine is the Founder of the First Global Kidtech Ratings Application, Bumperlist, and it’s community edtech site, Bumper. She is also serving as the Guidelines Director for the Children’s Media Institute Diversity Curriculum and Guidelines Project, an international organization that strives to bring diversity into children’s programming. She is also an advisor for Tech for Good, Canada, where she is currently working on children’s privacy laws and implementation. Catherine brings her experience & knowledge together to form Arcade Consulting -the place for content producers, providers & content creators to grow their base and keep their kids safe online.

Children’s Advocate+ Media Strategist

After augmented reality (AR) game development projects for clients like Sony and Taco-Bell, work with ed-tech initiatives through Facebook, Ai integration with Amazon SMB and advertising and marketing campaign development for brands such as Fisher-Price, Mattel and McDonald’s kids, Catherine knew she understood the fine art of combining technology with gamification principles and product development.

“I am a digital technology advocate and children’s media consultant. That means I’m pro-tech AND pro-kid. I believe the two can live together in harmony, not in harm.”
Catherine Halprin