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Welcome to Arcade Consulting! We know kids. We know how to speak to them, how to create for them, and how to market to them safely.

Arcade is a kidtech & children’s media consultancy that specializes in providing creative narrative direction, and responsible engagement recommendations, including safe strategic marketing campaigns for any form of children’s content.

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For Kid Marketers

When you create targeted messages that are also good for kids, you’re creating marketing that works hard for you and your audience. We’ll sit down with your team to learn about your goals and help you to develop or streamline your marketing and strategic approach for the children’s market.

For OTT & SVOD-EdTech Creators

Combining what educators know about learning retention and what media makers know about engaging viewers, we help develop digital media that find new ways of educating that is both entertaining and informative, delivered through any platform at any time.

For Children’s Studio Producers

The best way to create products and content that are good for children is to do it right in the early stages of testing and development. Together with our team of researchers, psychologists, and consultants, we can work with you to make sure your products are kid-safe and kid-craved.

Our Mission

To change the way media companies market their content to kids by promoting the healthy consumption and development of child-conscientious programming. This establishes positive media engagement habits so that later on, kids can grow up to be media-savvy adults.

Arcade is supported by a group of Children’s Media Specialists, Gaming and Digital Consultants, Children Advertising Professionals, Media Law Advisors, and Creative Writers who give technology and media producers their need-to-know advice. We help you produce products that resonate and make it to the fulfillment stage, be it gamifying educational content, greenlighting a show, or releasing a new children’s book.

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Press Play To Continue

Are you ready for a challenge? I bet your audience is.

From applying safe gaming principles to playing with in-game messaging, we’ll help you get that project to the finish line.

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Copy Compliance
for Children’s Media

When it comes to media, using the right words to move your product forward will deliver it to the right people at the right time. But using the wrong words directed at children, won’t only damage your business, it could put your project on pause, with no green light in sight. That’s why, when it comes to scripts for kids, whether it’s a TV pilot, videogame storyboard or mobile app, we make sure that what you say will be both fun for and safe. Ensuring that you understand regulatory compliance and standards for your market distribution needs is one of our areas of focus.

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Kidtech Market & Trend Analysis

From kidfluencers to kidtech knowing and understanding what drives children and teens to repeat engagement is at the heart of every good piece of media. As technology evolves, so do the ways children encounter and interact with it. The delivery might change but the message result should stay the same: this is positive, healthy, and good for me and/or my child.

What makes a child know something is worth their time is when it speaks to them. The “you get me” factor is the reason why one message works and another falls flat. We get that which is why at Arcade, we get them. We understand what children today respond to and what will be driving education, entertainment, and social adoption, for programming today and what’s next to be expected through our unique use of predictive and global reporting analysis.

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Marketing Strategies for Kids & Parents

What sets our strategic direction apart is that we move products forward by using ethical marketing techniques, and are innovators in the field of positive kidtech, safe 2D, and immersive technologies for children.

We test our methods. We use an evidence-based approach to advise in a direction that promotes a child’s healthy cognitive development and emotional well-being. It just makes sense. By keeping kids’ viewing and content choices smart and safe we, help studios and kid creators grow their market reach and revenue while promoting the healthy growth of their viewers too.

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Learn more about working with us and how we can make children’s media, products, and marketing a more positive industry to be in.

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  • The First global reviews and universal child-safety rating system for any kidtech/media available on the web through our app, Bumperlist
  • Expert reports, interviews, advice and workshops on digital parenting
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